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You have entered a “No Char” Zone!! Fresh Roasted Coffee excellently prepared for those who wish to taste the coffee in their coffee without wickedness of bitterness or burnt overdone roasts. We would like you to taste the beans rather just the roast. Catahoula Coffee takes great pride in responsibly sourcing for the finest Organic, Fair Trade, Woman’s Coop and/or Shade Grown coffees from around the world. Rwanda Bourbon is fine example of sourcing coffee with an inspirational back story, Project Rwanda. Though this Rwanda coffee is not Ceritfied Organic/Fair Trade, I would much like support all of those who have take the time, energy, resources and especially money to help those in need, the Rwanda people. Join Catahoula’s Wholesale Family in supplying your office, cafe or restaurant with the most freshest coffee beans available. Signature Label coffees are custom made for your needs. Please contact Timber for more info. Contact:


What’s missing…..What does this neighborhood need? Why do I have to drive 5 miles for a decent cup of coffee? After becoming addicted to the liquid culture of the espresso, I saw there was a glaring need for a “Community” center here in my neighborhood of Richmond, CA. Sanwiched between the North & East and Richmond View neighborhoods, Catahoula Coffee Company is the proverbial “Diamond in the Rough” in a otherwise area void of culture. Join us for cup of “Houla” and enjoy your stay.

Meet the Business Owner

I came to coffee late in life.  I am the product of testing the world of espresso via Starbuck’s mega caloric mocha Venti.  My Aaaah-Ha moment in espresso came in a little cafe named Cafe Vita in Lower Queen Anne.   This brought out an appreciation and quest for the Art of Espresso.

I truly hope you enjoy not only our Fresh Roasted Coffees, but the experience of Catahoula Coffee.  Being a Catahouligan is a State of Mind.

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