Helping Your Children Relocate

How to make relocation fun and easy for children of all ages.

Relocation is a big deal. Not only does it signal a career change for you, but also it means completely uprooting your family, changing your patterns, and establishing in a new city. If you and your family are unfamiliar with relocation and everything it will entail, this can be a scary and daunting prospect – especially for your kids.

However, there are plenty of ways to make the move trauma-free for your children and your spouse. This way, they look back fondly on the move instead of with disdain.

It is essential that you begin an open conversation with your children as soon as your move is confirmed. This achieves two things – it keeps them involved in the process and helps negate the “surprise” factor of being moved across the country or world.

When you integrate this approach to your relocation, the move becomes exciting, fresh, and new rather than scary and disruptive.

Make sure you take an upbeat approach to the move, no matter your own reservations. You should involve your children as much as possible in the relocation process and make sure your kids visit the city before you move. If that is not possible, use virtual tours online to help then see where they are going to call home.

Preschoolers often adjust very quickly to new surroundings as compared with older children. Their biggest fears are usually related to being separated from you. If possible, take some time off at your new home so they can begin to adjust and reset.

Elementary-aged children find relocation moves difficult because their patterns and routines are disrupted. To make this move smooth for them, mark the move with celebrations – both in your old town and your new city. This way, your kids will be able to have clear markers of the transition.

High school-aged kids often experience the most relocation-related stress. They have to give up more than younger children, so make sure you support them in as many ways as possible. Encourage them to use technology to keep up with their old friends and their new surroundings.

Corporate relocation offers the chance to move up in your career and gives your family the ability to see more of the world. When done correctly, it can be one of the most rewarding times of your life. 

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